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O Allah, praise and praise of the Most Merciful, make the blessings of your prayers and Nawami Barakatk and the mercy of Tnnk on our master Mohammed Abdulk and your successor to the closed and the seal of the above and the right to the truth and the right of the armies of falsehoods as a load and obey your obedience In your satisfactions, aware of your body as a gift for your covenant, to go out of your way until you feel the darkness of the sockets of God’s agents. We reach the people of its causes by the hearts of hearts after the fight of sedition and sin and the joy of the flags and banners of the sentences and the lighthouse of Islam is your faithful and safe inventory of your science inventory and martyrdom on the Day of religion and Biaithk blessing and your messenger the right mercy God give him in your hand and others multiples of goodness please And the most beautiful of your gifts, O Allah, make the building of the people, build it, and honor your place, and bring it down, and complete its light, and all of it. This prayer was mentioned by Judge Ayyad in Al-Shifa ‘and Al-Jazuli in the evidence of good deeds and Qastalani Talents of the civil and others Al-Qastalani said about the safety of the Canadian that Ali Karam Allah’s face was teaching people this prayer and in a word that teaches people to pray to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and say Oh God Dahi salutes etc. Hermes Replica Belts

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