Koester; Suttisak Konchan; Jahan Koranki; Anna Marissa

the color of warmth and comfort

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So the man stood and put the girl at the door of the mosque
After the evening prayer and at dawn prayer found her not taken and brought to the house and The day he puts it at the mosque – and after dawn finds it!
seven days ago on this case and her mother read the Koran..
important Ml man Vjdrha happy mother raised the mother again and returned fear of the new
born this time a male but the eldest girl died and then bore another child died The youngest girl of the grand! So that five children were born and five girls died!
and stayed the sixth girl who wanted her father to get rid of them!
The mother died and the girl grew up and the oldest children.

The teacher said: Do you know who this girl that her father wanted to get rid of?
I say to this why I did not get married because my father has no one to take care of him is a senior age
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