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Enter the multi purpose C7 Overnight Duffel, our favorite carryall from New York based label Haerfest. Launched by siblings Tim and Dan Joo, Haerfest (pronounced Harvest) draws its inspiration from frequent travelers who value durability, quality craftsmanship, and, most of all, beauty in simplicity. But above all else, it the brand zero maintenance required rule that won us over.

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Hermes Replica Sullivan and Mitchell urged critics to read the whole piece (as did I). Brown, of course, “wasn’t a white young man.”McDonough noted, “We don’t find many white young men ‘in the same exact situation’ that Brown found himself in.” And so the Brown obit, with its skewed internal logic and its placement alongside its seemingly opposite but equal Darren Wilson profile, falls into what her commentary called “a body of journalism that vets ‘good’ and ‘bad’ victims.”It is a treatment, McDonough wrote, generally reserved for dead people of color and victims of sexual assault.To buttress her point, McDonough recounted a 2011 NYT story about the brutal gang rape of an 11 year old in Texas by 18 teenaged boys and twenty something men.Clicking through to the Times’ piece, it indeed asks in the channeled voice of the townsfolk, “[H]ow could their young men have been drawn into such an act?For the portrait of the victim, as McDonough detailed, the Times pulled a “some said” out of its bag of tricks to drop in that the girl “dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s,” and that she “would hang out with teenage boys at a playground.” It’s an approach that mirrors the Brown article.This information is inserted in the most neutral way imaginable, as though it’s just creating a full picture of the moment and circumstances that preceded the rape. The chosen details of Brown’s history are delivered just as innocuously. Hermes Replica

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