Is he causing serious emotional (or physical) damage? Seek

Step 6: Sewing the Main BodyAgain, remember to double back at the beginning and the end of your stitching. Also, I don’t recommend making the top the last edge you sew, as it takes a lot of wear and tear, it often looks ugly if you do it last, and in some cases your handles go there, so the edge should be stronger. Sew the top, then the bottom (like a tube) and invert.

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A huge risk factor for cheating is, simply, opportunity. We live in an age in which everyone is connected, all the time. We can have a fleeting conversation in the streetand connect on social media minutes later.

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They’re not non lethal, they’re called “less than lethal” because they’re not supposed to kill people when used properly. It does not mean that nobody will die, it just means that it’s been designed to avoid that to the extent possible while still putting them down. Rubber bullets for instance are generally not lethal, however people have died as a result of being hit in the wrong spot..

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