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According to its tax documents from 2008 through 2012, the foundation’s only donations over $5,000 to cancer research or awareness were $400,000 to the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Research Institute and $300,000 to help endow a chair at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Over the same period, the foundation paid back a $150,000 loan Copeland’s estate and paid $162,794 to Al Copeland Investments for administrative and special event services, according to the tax returns. The Foundation has also paid $500 in campaign contributions to Sheriff Newell Normand in 2011, according to campaign finance records..

indoor led display The visuals lacked vibrancy and the pictures could have been sharper. All in all, it’s a great option to be able to use the device as an AV device to connect your TV and almost anything else via HDMI. It gets the job done.. “if” statements) wherever possible. Realize that only one SSD is serviced during each interrupt and it’s active from the end of the ISR until the next timer tick.Part of the hardware design was made with the programming in mind. For example, there’s no hardware reason to choose one select line in favor of another to connect to a particular SSD’s common cathode. indoor led display

led display The radio team is using comedy to deliver the news to STS students in a fun way. One member of the team, Adrian R., is planning to study film after graduation, and for him this is the best way to filter film into his everyday life. He has always wanted to partner with Michael F. led display

4k led display The Long Beach show was not only his first Phish encounter in more than a small led display decade, it was his first night away from the restaurant since March. I noted that these days far fewer dreadlocks and far more polo shirts had infiltrated the Phish fan fashion consciousness. That wasn what was different for him, though: time I was at a show I didn even have a cell phone. 4k led display

Carl does some dumb things sometimes, and I have told him in the past before he does anything at all, perhaps he should ask himself, would my wife be proud of me/this? before going through with it. Before putting on the nail polish might have been one of those perfect times to use that philosophy. He did not.

Mini Led Display There is no denying that Garrett tenure with the Cowboys has been a mixed bag. He had been the epitome of mediocrity over his first five full seasons with a record of 40 40, including his first three seasons where he went 8 8. When he followed up a 12 4 season with a 4 12 season, many couldn figure out just which type of path a Garrett led Cowboys team was heading down. Mini Led Display

outdoor led display The national anthem was then played. The queen was attending a garden party in the grounds of her palace Tuesday afternoon. Ambassador Elbio Rosselli, the current council president, delivered the condemnation at the start of a meeting Tuesday on chemical weapons in Syria and asked for a moment of silence. outdoor led display

led billboard Forkash said no marijuana will be sold or consumed at the event, which continues today. Forkash said there are30 vendors at the fair selling everything from grow lamps to hemp lip balm toglass pipes, with plenty of freebies to be had. Alaskan Blooms was the only vendor at the fair on Saturdaywith marijuana on display.. led billboard

hd led display “But I also believe that the one that truly heals is Jesus,” Bishop James V. Johnston said after being introduced Tuesday morning at the Catholic Center as the seventh bishop of the Kansas City St. Joseph Diocese. The Mercedes Maybach S Class seamlessly melds the perfection of the Mercedes Benz S Class with the incredible heritage and prestige of the Maybach nameplate. Mercedes Maybach is not an equipment line. It is a sub brand that introduces Mercedes Benz vehicles in an even more exclusive form. hd led display

led screen Marine biologists Will and Michelle Smith are clueless when it comes to raising their two sons, Nate, 3, and Ari, 18 months. The couples energy translates into endless fun for the boys ” but discipline is non existent and without a settled bedtime routine both children are keeping their parents up till late at night. Will and Michelle are worn out ” can Supernanny help them find a solution or will they remain at the mercy of their boisterous boys led screen.