This is what the hypocrites said about the Prophet (peace and

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With former point guard Kevin Ollie now coaching the Huskies, the emphasis on solid guard play is not going away. UConn has experienced point guards in Napier and Ryan Boatright, so playing time for Samuel, the freshman from South Shore High in Brooklyn, has been scarce. He has appeared in only 18 of 28 games, averaging 7.6 minutes and 2.0 points.

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The eternal mystery that is Edmonton penalty killing continues to baffle everyone who watches it. While it is posting the worst home ice penalty killing numbers in NHL history (55.4 per cent) it has not allowed a goal on the road in six straight games (17 for 17) and ranks fourth in the NHL. The last time an opponent scored a power play goal at home against the Oilers was Dec.

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I believe this is some kind of heating strips that are run under the finished wood flooring. Has anyone heard of this type of system. I am also becoming concerned about the boring bee situation.

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