This act captures 100 percent of the silly without a trace of

I do totally agree on the CF i had some break but, that was actually not the glass tube with the poisonous mercury vapour, but the electronics inside it with going by the smell even more toxic ingredients. One actually ‘exploded’ leaving the bulb hanging on some wires. I do not know yet if LED lights are any safer in that regard as they require some, albeit less, electronics..

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The show reaches its comedy heights when two good ol country boys, Randy (Lance Gentile) and Chad (Connor McCarthy), trade sob stories over a few brews in the woods. Chad date doesn like the way he smells, and Randy broke her face dancing. This act captures 100 percent of the silly without a trace of the sad, making it a nice break from some of the more gushy plotlines on which the show centers..

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False Advertised. 13. 14. The number on the scale says nothing about your health. Instead, think of habits that contribute to your overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle. And consider avoiding the scale altogether..

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