The best bit? There are loads of tasty sausage roll recipes to

Soon her circulation improved and her hands and feet grew rosy and warm. By the third week of treatment, her breathing and energy had returned to normal, and all pain was gone. Roberts left the hotel for walks, tours of the city’s architecture, and dinners out.

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Raman adds, “It is a rather B2B scenario. There has not been much of advertising in this space. It has mostly been a sales push driving business.

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The sausage roll bite size, fuss free and oh so delicious. Not only are sausage rolls the perfect party food, they’re great to nibble on, a yummy addition to anyone’s plate of snacks, and even work well when you’re on the go in between meetings and your stomach is rumbling. The best bit? There are loads of tasty sausage roll recipes to try.

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