Patterns Parenting 8- Ways to deal withChildren
9 –

volvo’s ceo doesn’t want ‘concrete temples’

Hermes Handbags Stages of growth of children 7. Patterns Parenting 8- Ways to deal withChildren
9 – stages of married life
10 – marital problems and how to deal with them
11 – Management of life crises
12 – patterns of personalities
13 – Management of the sessions of guidance
2 – Diploma of mental health
1 – concepts in mental health 2 – compatibility and adaptation
3 – compatibility and adaptation
4 – the importance of mental health
5 – aspects of mental health
6 – guidance and guidance and treatment

definition of personality
8- Personal theories
9 – Psychological problems and treatment

10 – The difference between psychological counseling and psychological therapy
11 – Characteristics of the psychological guide
12 – Guidance sessions
13 – Psychological compatibility within the family
Hermes Birkin Replica 14 – The Concept of Adolescence 15- Science The same adolescent
16 – The stages of adolescence
17 – The problems of adolescence and overcoming them
18 – Behavioral disorders in children
19 – Psychological counseling theories
20 – Cognitive behavioral therapy
21 – Psychology Positive
22 – Self Esteem

23 – Happiness
24 – Ambition
25 – The Concept of Human Development
3. Preparation of an international coach TOT 1 – The concept of training 2 – The objectives of training 3 – The stages of training 4 – The difference between education and training 5 – Obstacles of training 6 – Rules and controls of behavior in training
7 – Characteristics of the effective coach
8- Charisma theater
9 – The attractiveness of the coach
10 – Self-confidence
11 – Planning for training
12 – The theories of education 13 – The art of managing the public

14 – Training methods – 15 – Training methods – 16 – Training bag
17 – Evaluation of training and feedback

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4- Diploma of Linguistic Programming 1 – Positive Thinking 2 – Power of Negative Thinking 3 – Triple Power 4 – The Three Killers 5 – The Ten Commandments of Positive Thinking >,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5 – Diploma of Character Analysis
1 – Graphology

3 – Personal Compass

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