Is it OK to say that I like this? Are people going to judge me

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O my God, Yarsul: I have narrowed the tricks of the story in the impact that God revealed to the Prophet David David said: How much Paradise is remembered and do not ask me longing to me?

Dawood said: “O Lord, who is longing for you?” “Those who are thirsty for me, who are their class from all evil, and warn them with caution,” and I carry their hearts with my hand, In Samaei, I call upon the nobles of my angels, and when they meet, they prostrate to me, and I say, I have not called you to prostrate to me, but I call upon you to offer the hearts of those who desire to me. The sun shines for the people of the earth

O David: I created the hearts of the downtrodden from my tenderness, and the grace of the light of my face. > And cut out of their hearts a way they look at me.

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The Higher male analytical mind now does its job and identifies that it was the Higher female abstract mind that births its reality, and thus gives it a name, “Eve”. Need I mention why “eve” is the word now used to describe night time? Night time of course being feminine, lunar symbolism. Eve is the mother of all living, because our Higher feminine consciousness is what births and expands our perception of reality after ascending beyond the limited use of the Lower levels of consciousness..

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Last day هنودع شرم ونرجع بيوتنا……
and surprises of the length of the trip De Khaliha Lahbaybna did not get well……

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“When we went to see Manchester United v Chelsea at the Champions League Cup Final in Moscow in 2008 he had a dream that night. When we were going for breakfast he said ‘There are going to be 11 goals but we’re going to win’. The score was 1 1 after full time but after penalties at the end it was 6 5.”.