In fiscal Q1, Nike’s apparel sales were up 5% year over year,

quigley says russian operatives hacked illinois elections board last year

On the apparel side, Nike has had more success than footwear in all regions around the world. In fiscal Q1, Nike’s apparel sales were up 5% year over year, which follows 9% growth on a currency neutral basis in fiscal 2017. I suspect that they came off the grille, folded and put into the basket while the rest of the breakfast was being plated. With coffee, runs about $10..

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“The caller’s identity remains a mystery, as well as why he would call anywhere, let alone a child care facility, with such a disturbing message.ORIGINAL STORY 12/18/17A daycare has been receiving phone threats, the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office says.Despite those threats, the agency reports it has not turned up any actual threat.Sheriff Matt Champlin said, “We have thoroughly looked into the phone calls which were received by one our daycares and at this time, based on the facts, we do not believe that there is any viable threat to our citizens. Through the course of our investigation we have determined that the phone calls that were placed were not isolated to only this daycare in Gallia County and we have determined that numerous other law enforcement agencies across Ohio are receiving calls of the same nature which are stemming from the same source.

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