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Result after girls – Girls Action:
Girl: (1) (weeping weeping):
Only 91 phelam!
Girl: (2)
(more weeping weeping)
5 times revision After giving it, do you do 90?
Girl: (3)
How will I show my mother to the mother?
Girl: (4) (Making a lament)
90 There will be nothing at all!
Now see the boys’ Reaction: Action:
boy: (1)
This time the whole shivering daddy buddy,
boy 2)
I passed,
Father If you listen to it, then start dancing!

To copy the sarcas so – I survived, otherwise I would have done it!
boy: (4) < br> I am 33, I do not believe – e is not!
Moral: What children get, they want to be happy about it.
And who gets the girl,
Wants more and more

BD-words apply to all

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