Has yet to finalize a decision to build its Keystone XL

CALGARY TransCanada Corp. Has yet to finalize a decision to build its Keystone XL pipeline, even after announcing it had inked enough 20 year contracts to make the pipeline commercially viable, which critics say falls short of a full throated backing by Alberta oil industry. Gulf Coast.TransCanada had spent months asking shippers to commit their production to the project under long term agreements and succeeded in contracting roughly 60 per cent of Keystone XL total capacity of 830,000 bpd even as other export pipelines are full, operators are rationing space and producers are moving more oil out of the province on railway cars.By contrast, oil companies had taken up 80 per cent, or 708,000 bpd, of Kinder Morgan Canada expanded Trans Mountain pipeline system between Alberta and British Columbia, deliberately leaving 20 per cent open for spot shipments.Commitments from the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission, a provincial agency, make up 10 per cent of the volumes announced Thursday, with 50,000 bpd committed to the line through a royalty in kind for 20 years.pleased to be making this commitment to bring more Alberta oil to the world and we expect it means Keystone XL will be built, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said in an emailed statement.The APMC had previously committed barrels to TransCanada now cancelled Energy East project.

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