Count them before you put them into the jar

I think we’ve learnt to better embrace our inner nerd in this country over the past few years. There was a coming together of geeks around the time Twitter got started, in 2006; we were finding one another on blogs and spawning a community of like minded rationalists tired of the anti science rubbish being spouted. The likes of me and [stand up] Robin Ince began performing high profile gigs about science; then Brian Cox came along with his TV shows..

Go to the market and buy vegetables, fruits and good protein such as chicken, fish, or legumes. Make sure you have some good stuff for the munchiesmaybe rice cakes and a banana instead of the ice cream. You DO have control of your diet and the feeling of accomplishment after a week of eating really well, can be very rewarding..

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Drug runners. Salvador edges our truck as close as he can to the crumbly edge of the cliff on our right and stops, granting the red pickup every bit of road he can spare. No trouble here is the message he’s trying to send.