After recovering from shingles

ombudsman makes canada a leader in responsible mining

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Who failed politically in the management of those who failed economically and failed externally with most of the countries of the world that refused our funding and support

Who failed to manage the project of Dam Nahdha.
Who failed Internally in managing the affairs of the country and the crises of gasoline, electricity, pipe pipes and the rise of the Atah M Egyptians disbelieve just because they are not with him.
Who instigates the youth and ignites them and takes the time of those who planted within these young people, who wrestled the Islamic dispute and did not establish even those who spread terrorism in the nineties

Who killed the Naqrashi, Khazandar and Sadat and raised Mahjoub andWade tried to kill Abdel Mone who killed thousands of police officers and soldiers

Who disagreed with all previous governments since Egypt was his property. Hermes Replica Handbags

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