These stickers for your wedding are all about finishing

This poor girl was caught in a mudslide and trapped. She nearly drowned in the rancid mud that engulfed her home, and her legs were locked in the churning pitch. As Red Cross workers struggled to extricate her, they cleared the quicksand only to find that her legs were hopelessly crushed under steel and wooden beams.

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Western Oilfields Supply Company, Inc., doing business as Rain For Rent, Inc., provides temporary liquid handling solutions on rent and for sale. It offers trash and sewage, high flow, clear water and AG, high head, air operated diaphragm, wellpoint, and submersible pumps; and tanks and boxes, including frac tanks, steel frac tanks, coated steel tanks, stainless steel, boxes, poly tanks, water tower, and fuel nurse tanks. The company also provides filtration products, such as bag, media, and particulate filters; oil water separators; spill containment products, including spillguards, spillguard accessories, sprayguards, and hydroblast pads; and jobsite safety and protection products, such as..

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