These bag chairs are also perfect for small pets

I think they are possibly right but didn’t generalize it enough. Refrigeration is fundamentally the same technology as air conditioning. Both just move heat from one room to another.

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It was in 1944, as a 16 year old, straight out of school, that Ken joined the YMCA. The remarkable thing is however that he never left. Imagine being with and playing for the same club for 60 years.

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We don know anything about the GPU, save that it ships with 1GB of dedicated GDDR5. That not much RAM even Nvidia lower end mobile solutions, like the GTX 950M, typically pack at least 2GB. There are two possibilities here: Either Microsoft loaded the system with a low end GPU that both it and Nvidia have refused to disclose because they don want to lose the hype around the idea of an ultrabook system offering any discrete cards at all, or Nvidia removed VRAM from a SKU that typically carries more in order to hit Microsoft preferred power target.