One day Sam approaches the park

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As both meet in the park, Sam wondered where Bill lived and could not figure out exactly what happened to him. It’s been a month since he finally saw Bill.
One day Sam approaches the park…

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But I could still pick out trees and a few farm houses. A hill that sits all alone west of Linden looked like a trapped cloud. The air was clear here where I was but looking at the video feed from the copter’s camera, I could see the darker line of the cold air trapped a bit further west.

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Palace is located in Fu’an city car, city car this place few visitors will stay Almost all the way to Hengchun or Kenting, so everyone’s impression of the car should stay only [Fuan Gong] the most famous.

order to promote awareness of all car [City] this place, Fu Gong very carefully take the best route, combined with sightseeing in agricultural land presented to the Friends of the run to run.

came to the southernmost tip of Taiwan, in addition to Hengchun, Kenting also have a beautiful place called ~
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