Looking forward, Callaway will have to fight for every gross

This is for the better development of the players should they decide to go further in the game at a later stage and represent Gippsland at the Victorian Country Championships. The all girls tournament is being held this year on the Queen Birthday weekend in June at Bendigo. Girls aged 15 and over are also encouraged to come along and join the Womens team.

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While the idea of cooking without thawing was novel to me, representatives of two large chicken processors, Tyson Foods and Perdue Farms, told me the concept had been around for a while. Tyson launched its Individually Frozen Chicken, a process that marinates each piece through tumbling or injection, in 1995. The big breakthrough, it seems, was when improved technology allowed pieces of chicken to be frozen individually without sticking together in the package..

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This was all of course evident in the small print. However, the small print is not only small, it is written in incomprehensible legal jargon and is very, very long. With some policies the small print runs to over 4,000 words, half the length of the script of the ‘Six One News’..

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