I still take the Swiss army credit card style knife in my

Wine Cork CoastersWhat would go better with your glass of wine than some DIY wine cork coasters? It’s the most obvious reuse for your old wine stoppers. You can even make a bigger one for your wine bottles. Looks like you’ll need about 188 wine corks for this one, so get drinking.

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Why exactly should I be changing my password every six months? Does it somehow magically become a pumpkin or mysteriously leak itself? I use a series of several different systems to generate passwords (with different security levels for each system of use) that would not be easily guessed unless you knew the underlying system. This both ensures that passwords are not shared and that it is not easy to compromise other passwords if one is compromised. The main reasons for changing a password every six mont.

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Supporters of Fields, who was denied bail at a court hearing in Virginia on Monday, have turned to the internet to raise money for his legal defense. A right to speak, A right to fair trial, even being treated as innocent until convicted should NOT be abridged. If we don’t slow down and realize this, we are going to have no real justice, no real democracy.