Here is a look at where they struggled and why the future

Oakland Raiders Finish Disappointing 2017 Season And Look To Rebuild Once AgainThe Oakland Raiders were supposed to be a Super Bowl contender, but ended up losing 10 games and firing their head coach. Here is a look at where they struggled and why the future might still be bright for the Raiders.Best Ways To Spend New Year Day With Your Family In San FranciscoIf ice skating in a swimsuit is on your list for New Year Day activities with the children, Union Square is the place to be. Otherwise, take in some family fun (perhaps something a bit less chilly) where you find the doors are open despite the holiday.Best Vacations Spots For Extreme Winter SportsVisit any one of these leading vacation spots that offers something for everyone and especially for the thrill seekers.Best Places For Ice Fishing In The USAs much a skill as it is a sport, ice fishing isn for the faint of heart.

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