At that meeting in 1944 they tried to find a jazzier name to

This new course, you really have to pinpoint every shot.”As players travel to Tampa to try out the new course, Harbachuck and the USF team are training for their first National Collegiate Disc Gulf tournament, which they qualified for in their first year as a club.Harbachuck said nearly every player wants to grow the sport and bring new players into the fold.”It’s something you can pick up and become competitive in very quickly,” Harbachuck, 21, said. “The fundamentals of throwing a Frisbee is something all of us learn at a pretty young age.”Though Clearwater is home to the world’s largest disc golf shop, families looking to pick up a few discs on the way to a local course can buy them at the Walgreens on State Road in Valrico, which started carrying equipment about a year and a half ago.The store is between Limona and Buckhorn Park, which has a beginner friendly 9 hole course surrounding the playground and sports fields. These courses aren’t as challenging as the new course at Cypress Point Park, but they’re essential for bringing in new players, Barnett said.”We like going to a park that’s kid friendly so the kids can play on the playground and we can throw a disc in a field,” Whittington said.

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