Al-Junaid was the youngest of them

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O sir, O Messenger of Allah, how many sins have afflicted me, and I have taken refuge in its amusement parks, and how much I have endured the burdens of my mind and body, and my lights have taken hold of me. But your love is in my blood, and I am from another wave. And what is in it – the letters refuse and their meanings are so difficult that I remind you of the vanhalts and the rhymes.

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He said one of the reasons the retailer claimed it had had difficulty delivering his order was partly “due to Scotland not being part of the UK”. “That is a real challenge for the industry. You can’t just throw people at the complaints issue and resolve it because you would have to double the number of people working in your customer service centre.

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Then comes the great ecstasy, Ibn Arabi: The question of love took place in Makkah, where the elders spoke. Al-Junaid was the youngest of them, and they said He said to him: ‘Abd al-Khayyab is himself connected to the mention of his Lord, who is performing his rights, looking at him with his heart, burning his heart with the lights of his prestige, and describing his drinking from his cup of blood. “If love is the reason for the creation of the world, in the sacred talk I was a hidden treasure I did not know, so I loved to know, I created creation, and I met them My father knew me.

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