4 million in Q3 2016 Losses were offset by revenue realized

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Fake Hermes Handbags ADXS maintains $98 million in liquid assets, with $15 million in cash and another $74 million held in investments to maturity making up the bulk of these positions, compared with a total $160 million at the end of October 2016 Total loss from operations was doubled from the same period in 2016, climbing to $32.8 million Research and development accounted for $17.7 million, compared with $10.1 million in Q3 2016 General and administrative expenses totaled $18 million, up from $6.4 million in Q3 2016 Losses were offset by revenue realized from the collaboration with Amgen, which totaled $3 million in Q3 With a burn rate of $32.8 million, the company would expect to run out of money in three quarters. However, it is worth noting that the spike in general and administrative costs was mainly due to one off expenses associated with beginning the filing process in the EU. If accurate, this would mean that the ongoing burn rate is likely closer to $23 million or $25 million, which gives ADXS around another quarter of breathing room at the current rate.. Fake Hermes Handbags

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