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If you are a retailer, you may benefit from the use of a uniformed door guard or a plain clothes store detective. As shop lifting is a constant threat, the cost of security services can be a wise investment in your business. If you are suffering from ongoing or significant theft, security personnel can be employed to observe security protections and investigate weak points in your security plan..

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Can be very important. It dictates how easy it is to recruit, how easy it is for clients to come and see you and how easily that you can get to work yourself. Some offices are fully serviced meaning that you benefit from security, maintenance and a front desk.

As you say, your two allocated pension accounts with AustralianSuper take the total that counts towards your TBC to $1,565,154, which is within your $1.6 million cap and therefore you have nothing to worry about. You could, in fact, create another pension holding $34,840 from your accumulation account if you wish, but you cannot add more than that without running into problems with the ATO. Deductible, contributions each financial year that you meet the work test, such as the maximum $25,000 contribution in 2017 18 and the amount you earn is irrelevant.

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