Neither the president nor his Democratic foes have the guts to

get attention from howard firefighters

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The problem with that premise and what Mr. McCollum failed to acknowledge is that new Senate rules require a super majority to stop filibusters and to enact any legislation. In the center is the Electronic Vehicle Information System, which you can scroll through from the steering wheel to show everything from tire pressure to active mpg to trip stats. It’s all clear and easy to navigate..

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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus finally arrived this week and Mashable was there to cover the launches all around the world. Though excitement for the phones was greater than expected, many fans were unhappy that Apple had sold out of the 7 Plus in all colors and the jet black for both models..

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Only isolated cases of flooding have been reported, instances where residents’ basement pumps were not working, Ulman said.The eastern part of the county got a little more than four inches of rain, and it takes six to eight inches before the low lying areas become flooded and the rivers begin to overflow, he said.”Roads are pretty good,” Ulman said. “We still have between 15 and 20 roads that are closed.

Cuomo. If the write in were impressive enough to draw the New Yorker into the campaign, the result could be a bitter struggle that would divide the party along both regional and ideological lines.. More important is the damage done to the criminal justice system. Each reversal lessens faith in the system.

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