In addition, you may feel agitation, confusion, or an

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Valentino Replica Following the attack, the man is seen on video trying to drive away before his SUV is rammed by a white pickup truck.]]>SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA) A suspect tried to escape after fatally beating an off duty San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy during a road rage incident, according surveillance video obtained Wednesday by CBS2.On Sunday morning, 70 year old Deputy Larry Falce was involved in a minor collision with another driver at University Avenue and Kendall Drive in San Bernardino. Security video from a nearby business shows that the crash may have been caused by two dogs running across the street.Following the collision, Falce and the suspect appear to exit their vehicles and engage in a confrontation. After about one minute, the suspect is seen punching Falce, sending him crumbling to the ground.As a few Good Samaritans rushed to provide aid to Falce, the video shows the suspect getting into his SUV and pulling away Valentino Replica.